In this page (and its sub-pages) we plan to make available a variety a files (including R scripts) which are meant to simplify the analysis of FoodMicrobionet data. We do suggest the use of the network files (for Gephi or Cytoscape), which are made available to FoodMicrobionet contributors. However, you are free to use the files which are published as companions to publications related to FoodMicrobionet.

Click here to download a .zip file containing the nodes and edges tables for version 1.0.3 plus an Excel worksheet including pivot tables and filter functions. The nodes and edges files can be easily imported in Cytoscape or Gephi to build your own version of the network. The goodies file can be used to rapidly extract a variety of subtables. Click here to download a revised edge table for this version (coorectd an error in the weights os some edges),

The new app for accessing FoodMicrobionet is available on Mendeley data. It is all you need to access the new version. You can cite the app using the DOI.

Starting from December 2021 all new software will be made available on GitHub.