New review

We have just published a new review:

Parente, E., Ricciardi, A., Zotta, T. 2020. The microbiota of dairy milk: a review. International Dairy Journal, in press, doi:10.1016/j.idairyj.2020.104714

The review is an example of how data in FoodMicrobionet can be exploited for quantitative metastudies.

You can access it for free using this link, which will expire on June 18th, 2020. The version of FoodMicrobionet used in the review in freely available on Mendeley data.

Larger, and larger

FoodMicrobionet v3.4.5 has now 120 studies and 5974 samples.

  • Animal and vegetable fats and oils and primary derivatives thereof 53
  • Composite dishes 115
  • Eggs and egg products 21
  • Fish, seafood, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates 362
  • Fruit and fruit products292Grains and grain-based products 44
  • Major isolated ingredients, additives, flavours, baking and processing aids 196
  • Meat and meat products 1199
  • Milk and dairy products 2908
  • Vegetables and vegetable products 604
  • Sugar and similar, confectionery and water-based sweet desserts 42
  • Alcoholic beverages 30
  • Starchy roots or tubers and products thereof, sugar plants 17
  • Legumes, nuts, oilseeds and spices65Seasoning, sauces and condiments 26

This version will not be released, except in the framework of scientific agreements and project cooperations.